The GEEA annual programs are guided by our nine development goals;

What we do:

  1. Green economy summits

The annual green economy summits are now hosted in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. In 2023 we are also set to host the first UK-Africa green economy summit.

The summits provide a platform to build consensus around the potential of technologies, policies and renewable energy as engines of a green economy transformation. They demonstrate how global priorities, such as meeting NetZero, protecting habitats and mobilizing finance are key to the 21st century conversation on sustainable growth.

The Green Economy Summits East Africa (GESEA) are the leading forums on the green economy that bring together experts in critical sectors globally to directly focus on advancing the global green economy and sustainability agenda, achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals and implementing the recommendations of COP21 & 22 and the Paris Agreement.

  1. GE golf tournaments

The Green economy golf tournaments are our green networking platforms that enable different players to “Tee for Green” as the conversation around a green economy are furthered.

These tournaments continue to inspire partners to realize the need to transition towards the ideals of a green economy.

  1. Youth Green Seminars

The young people are critical to the discussion on a green economy. The GEEA is holding sensitization campaigns and GE future series empowering the youth with practical knowledge about the ideals of a green economy.

The GE Innovation hubs are also inspiring more young people to innovate around the areas of; clean energy, smart cities, green buildings, smart solutions and these are promoting the growth of green jobs.

These are innovating in several spaces including; ICT green innovative solutions, clean energy, Compostable face masks, litter picking kits, recycled aprons and more – supporting the reduction of carbon.


  1. Waste management centers

GEEA is setting up waste management centers across major cities across east Africa. These are meant ensure we create smart and efficient waste management systems for cleaner cities.


  1. Green parks

We are designing and creating green parks across major cities for everyone now and in the future to explore, value and enjoy.

We are creating acres of historic parklands; the parks will provide beautiful green spaces right in the heart of different cities where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city. They’re a place for one to relax and unwind, exercise and clear your mind.

If it’s history and architecture you’re after, we are creating experiences, statues and memorials, giving a fascinating insight into Africa’s heritage.


  1. Green promotions

We shall intentionally go big on massive sensitization on green and climate change.

This will involve Radio, Television, social media and outdoor tailor-made messages on safe guarding the environment all in partnership with Airtel. (The schedule and implementation plan shall be shared in due course.)


  1. Green Care

Alongside our various partners, we are facilitating rainforest tree planting projects across east Africa. Organisations, individuals and corporations can be part of this journey by planting trees in areas affected by deforestation, re-greening areas that have been affected by degradation and this equally creates thousands of green jobs in our economy.


  1. GE Awards

The GE awards are organized in reverence to the promotion of green economy in East Africa and recognizing the achievements of the iconic individuals, organizations, and corporations that have made an extraordinary contribution to creating a green economy both national and regional.

  1. Criteria

The Green Economy Awards selection criteria are:

  • Food Security Award
  • Climate Relief Award
  • Clean energy Award
  • Eco-tourism Award
  • Green Finance Award
  • Youth for Green Award
  • Clean water and Sanitation Award
  • Smart Cities Award
  • Green Education Award


  1. GE Quarterly report magazine

The GE Magazine is a publication highlights stories of innovation, success and thought leadership that are advancing us towards a greener economy.

  1. Smart Education Campaigns

We would like to work hand in hand with our partners to increase the provision of free internet services and education content to schools across Uganda. We would like to equally ensure teachers and children have access to the resources they need to improve literacy standards and educational attainment and for us to make a greener economy.


  1. Smart cities and e-mobility

Our bid to work with various districts and cities in Uganda through e-mobility systems working with the ministry of ICT will enable us provide millions of people with new opportunities regardless of age, gender, disability, religion or any other status.