The next one decade will no doubt be more challenging than it has been for the last one millennium in as far as managing climate change is concerned with implications already adverse in numerous parts of the world.

Green Economy East Africa hosts GE Summits annually and have emerged as the leading regional forums on green economy bringing together experts in critical sectors from East Africa and global players to establish dialogue, activate partnerships and exchange experiences that directly focus us on advancing the global green economy and sustainability agenda; thereby achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goal on climate change mitigations and implementing the recommendations of COP21 & 22 and the Paris Agreement.

World leaders need to expressly come to the table with the highest possible ambition and a reinvigorated determination to do all it takes to keep a 1.5-degree cap on global warming. If current events globally are to go by, failing on this mission will cost us a viable, sustainable future for our children and grandchildren.

Our 2022 theme raises its voice loud and clear on this matter; “Together for our Climate and Galvanizing action for a sustainable economic growth.” We continue to have a huge urban explosive migration into the cities where many people are living in the small urban spaces and that solidly means that smart ways of survival are inevitable both at home and at work; endeavoring people to change the way they work and live by embracing wireless ecosystems. This will ultimately lead to a high level of both investment and business activities in these urban centers, which call for a more complex way of solving key factors like transportation, architectural designs of buildings, telecommunication systems, security management and environmental management systems.

Following the footsteps of COP 26 the GE 2022 Agenda intends to produce new “building blocks” to advance implementation of the Paris Agreement through actions that can get East Africa and the continent on a more sustainable, low-carbon pathway forward. We are committed to Promoting the widespread adoption of green economy principles and practices within the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication, with the primary focus being sustaining economic growth, enhancing social inclusion, improving human welfare and creating employment opportunities while maintaining and nurturing the planet's ecosystems and mitigating the damaging impacts of environmental degradation on human health and welfare. We welcome all partners and friends of our climate globally on board. United for Green!

Edwin Musiime
Green Economy East Africa.


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