24TH-25th AUGUST

Green Economy Summit 2022

The Green summit open at the Kampala Serena Hotel. The Summit opens under the theme; Together for our Climate and Galvanizing action for a sustainable economic growth.”

The Summit over the two days will facilitate dialogue and debate, delivered in compelling formats, across Six pillars: Energy. Green finance. Climate Relief. Smart Cities. Climate relief. Food security. Youth for Positive change.

This pioneering annual event convenes leading actors across the green finance community to help catalyze and support the transition to a green, low-emissions and climate-resilient global economy. The Forum on Green Finance and Investment will focus on responding to the urgent need to ensure that sustainable investments deliver the impact and progress required to achieve global environmental and development objectives.

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23rd Oct 2022

National Green Day

The Green Day Uganda Initiative seeks to create a collective action towards restoration of degraded landscapes in the country; mitigating climate change and inculcate in the youth the values of planting and nurturing trees and their associated benefits because a greener future is the only survival of our planet.

We have made deliberate plans through key stake holders and partners to engineer the planting of 5,000,000 tress nationwide.

23rd Oct 2022

National Walk for Green

The Walk for Green aims to increase the awareness of climate change, the importance fresh air to wellbeing and how small actions can make a big difference through pursuing knowledge and adapting practices that can lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles

  • Funds raised go to supporting patients with air-borne non communicable diseases.
  • Funds also go towards training and creating green jobs for 2000 youths and women in creating and maintaining the GE funded green around our cities.
  • 15% of all Sponsorship funds are dedicated towards the GE fund on Green care creating and maintaining Green Parks and Zones. (Creating Green jobs for over 2000 youths across the country.)
  • 5% of sponsorship funds go towards supporting patients with air-borne non-communicable diseases caused by air pollution and toxic carbon emissions.
    According to the national institute of public health, Outdoor (ambient) air pollution is increasingly associated with non-communicable diseases killing over 30,000 people nationally annually.

29th Oct 2022

Green Economy Golf tournament

The Green experience themed: Tee for Green at the Lake Victoria Serena Hotel is set to further the conversation on the green economy and sustainability to golf players which will also have us host the green economy awards cocktail night.

  • The Network conversations shall be part of the climax of the 2022 green conversation setting us on course for action into 2023.

15th-30th October 2022

Tree planting and green Care

Our major Tree planting and greening campaign will last 15 days of green care from the 15th of October to the 30thof October with a target to plant over 5,000,000 trees across the country.

29th November Green

Economy Kira EV Bus tours

The Green Economy Kira EV Bus tour campaign is meant to spread awareness on the benefits of e-mobility; transition to a clean transportation future, charging and electric cooking. This campaign is aimed at creating awareness at the national level and aims to boost the confidence of electric vehicle manufacturers and consumers whereas delivering massive benefits to the climate, health, and the economy

25th October

GE Awards 2022

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